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Critiquing Icons

Constructive criticism for all your graphics.

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Welcome to critiquingicons!

For those posting graphics:

▸ Please post no more than 10 graphics for critiques. Graphics bigger than 500x500 px need to have a thumbnail.
▸ If you have specific things you want to be critiqued on (coloring, texture use, fonts, etc) feel free to specify that! :)
▸ If you find a critique to be offensive, please do not respond to it. Send awry or critiquingmod a PM, we'll fix it.

For those offering critiques:

THIS is a wonderful guideline for good critiquing, so please read it over. (Just ignore that it specifies 'voting' and 'icons'. >__>)
▸ We are looking for constructive critiques, things like 'I don't like it' or 'It's pretty' are not constructive and now allowed.
▸ Anyone is allowed to critique. You are not restricted by how many you do or do not critique.
▸ Above all: BE POLITE with your critiques and advice.

If you have an questions, comments, concerns or complaints please leave them here or send the mod account a pm. :D

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